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Susie has been influenced by a vast range of art from a very young age. She grew up taking classes from a local artist in Macon, Georgia and learned early on she had the ability to capture the depth and color of the world around her through many mediums, including acrylic and oil paints, watercolor, and charcoal drawings. She earned her degree in Interior Design at the University of Tennessee, and during that time, honed her eye for design, while at the same time, exploring her ability to convey space through sketching. Her unique relationship with design gives her an exceptionally broad range of scale - the ability to capture and give life to anything from a seaside landscape to a detailed portrayal of hands. Her painted works are mainly in the impressionist style and feature bold brush strokes and colors. Susie is currently pursuing her Masters of Architecture from the University of Texas in Austin and is inspired daily by the southwestern culture and landscape. Her work in both visual art and design is heavily influenced by her travels through Spain and Italy. She enjoys the challenge of capturing moments of daily life, objects, and memories for others, while adding her signature texture and color that bring liveliness to any wall. Her works have been featured and sold throughout the U.S [primarily southeastern states, Midwest, and Hawaii] and globally in the U.K. For more information and to view her full portfolio, please visit

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