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Joe (Joseph) is a young Birmingham, Alabama Artist. Joe has been showing signs of creativity ever since 1st grade. He has expressed a love for art from being creative with color to building houses with blocks. He has always felt that he was supposed to do something in the world of art and design, which is why he attends Samford University, majoring in Interior Design.


When Joe was first introduced to watercolor, he began painting animals with an abstract background. He later began to focus most of his attention on his abstract paintings. Joe's abstract paintings are inspired by his love for architecture and design. He uses watercolor and ink to create an architectural structure, which some people may call "little blueprints."


As an Artist and soon-to-be Designer, Joe envisions and says, "I see a family sitting in a room together that I designed with my art hanging on the wall, spending quality time and laughing over a healthy meal. Every Sunday, my family sits around the table and eats a meal together no matter what. I want my customers to have the same experience through the atmosphere of a warm home that holds beautiful artwork."

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